PCM-GRAFMasters of organization

Tidy office and well organized desk, speeds up day-to-day responsibilities and improves productivity. Good organization means the half of the job done!

The production traffic company PCM GRAF L.t.d. was founded on 22/04/1991.
The production of the poly-ethylene program started with only one employee. Focusing its development on complete orientation towards customers and their needs, the production facilities have been expanded and the production of office supplies has begun. The first idea of Zivodrag Milićević, the founder and owner, was the production of a PVC office program, such as PVC folders, photo albums, leather visitor, and all kinds of cardboard folders.

With the aim to offer the market a palette a good quality products with accessible price, there is a constant investment in modernization of production and high automation.

As the production expended, and sales increased year after year, the company started with the production of registrators.

In the first year of production, sales recorded significant results, and 47 000 registrators of different colors and sizes were sold a year later. Specific market demands conditioned a high adaptation to costumers needs and responding to individual requirements, which contributed
to exceeding the expectations of the customers and led to their long term loyalty.
Satisfying of differenet customer requirements conditioned a tendency of sales growth, so between 600 000 and 700 000 registrators were sold in the last 2 years.
If the needs of the market be, the production capacity can increase to 1.400.000 pieces.

We are recognized by the quality, reliability and success of our business!

All of our products and services are distinguished primarly by the quality, reliability and management success since we constantly create new products and services to meet the needs of our clients.

Through many years of successful work, we have expanded our distribution network to foreign countries, mostly in our vicinity. Out of the total sales of PCM GRAF programs, the most was realized in export 64%.

In 2019 there was a change of ownership which made PCM GRAF part of the S-GROUP doo Company.